Authenticity Matters

Each episode of Authenticity Matters will focus on a different facet of authenticity and how it plays out in both personal life and professional organizations. Jennifer will welcome guests each episode who have transformed their lives and / or organizations with authenticity and intention being at the forefront.

Your Host

Jennifer (Jen) Coyne is a consultant, coach, trainer, and speaker focusing on improving organizational cultures and helping people find and live their most authentic life. Jennifer spent the last decade focusing on discovering her authentic self and living with intention. After careers in accounting and high tech that spanned more than two decades, she co-founded a consulting, training, and coaching company with Authenticity being one of its core values. She has become a champion for changing organizations to focus more on People and Purpose. 

How to Listen

Authenticity Matters airs on the second Thursday each month from 12:00-1:00 PM (Pacific). To listen:

  • Tune your radio to KXRW 99.9 FM or XRAY 107.1 and 91.1 FM in the Portland (OR) area
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April 2024: Intuition with Vereonica Drake
Veronica Drake

Guest for April, Veronica Drake



How well do you trust your gut? Jen’s guest wants to help you learn to trust yours more. Jen welcomes Veronica Drake to Authenticity Matters this month. Veronica is a master intuitive. For the past 18 years she has been known for helping see the likely future for others. Now, she brings her gifts to people, especially women, in business who need to identify their authentic path and help them to identify and trust their own intuition.
Learn more about Veronica at
February 2024: Cultivating Uniqueness with Daphne Anderson
Daphne Anderson and Jen Coyne

Daphne and Jen at the KXRW Studio







Jen was delighted to welcome a dynamic and creative woman who has had many different paths in her authenticity journey, Daphne Anderson. Daphne is the owner and creative director of Vancuterie, a traditional flower pressing studio. She makes beautiful creations out of flowers from your meaningful events, such as weddings.
Daphne is a shining example of adapting and persevering on a path to always being authentic and pursuing her dreams. She has great advice on finding confidence, identifying your uniqueness, and just taking the leap toward your goals.
You can learn more about Daphne and her services on Instagram @vancuterielove or at
January 2024: Remarkable Authenticity w/Mike Jones
Mike Jones

Mike Jones talks to Jen







This month’s guest was Mike Jones, CEO of Resound, a Brand Development company based in Tempe Arizona. Resound focuses on developing Authentic brands, which makes for a perfect discussion topic! We discussed authenticity in business, and creating an authentic identity; if you own a business, are thinking of starting a business, or have a role as a brand ambassador at your company (spoiler alert…we are all brand ambassadors of our workplaces)…this topic is for you! 

Find out more about Mike and Resound at

January Show

December 2023: Ren Rice of the Romance Era Bookshop
Ren Rice

Ren Rice in the KXRW Studio

This month’s guest was Ren Rice, creator, owner, and operator of The Romance Era Bookshop, a new boutique book store in Vancouver Washington. Ren is a wonderful community-maker, and a generous spirit in the entrepreneurial journey. Every time I talk to Ren, I learn something new that defies stereotypes and demonstrates their authentic nature.  I’m excited to be able to share their story with you and hopefully inspire you to strive for an authentic life, as early as you possibly can.

Ren’s store is The Romance Era Bookshop

December Show

November 2023: Trusting Your Inner Voice
Val Fishman

Jen’s guest for November 2023, Val Fishman

This month’s guest is Val Fishman. Val is a strong businesswoman, a mentor to many professionally and personally, and author of “I know What I’m doing, Come with me!” a book that aims to inspire people to find and listen to their inner voice. She’s a self-described truth teller, who has learned to trust her own instincts and value candor. The book and Val’s style are perfect alignment with my mission here to inspire everyone to find their authentic path and live unapologetically as their true selves.

Val’s Book “I Know What I’m Doing, Come with Me!” is available here:

November Show

October 2023: Hook & Needle
Jen Coyne, Rachel Lien, and Kelly Johnson

Jen Coyne, Rachel Lien, and Kelly Johnson outside the KXRW Studios

It’s October 2023, the weather is getting cooler and wetter, and up in the Pacific Northwest we are starting to nestle in to fall and winter activities. The perfect time to talk about knitting! Jen was excited to welcome Rachel Lien and Kelly Johnson to Authenticity Matters. Rachel & Kelly are co-founders and owners of Hook and Needle, a Community Yarn and Fiber destination in downtown Vancouver Washington.

Check out Hook and Needle at or at 621 Broadway St in Downtown Vancouver WA.

September 2023: Inspiration & Authenticity with Pamela Sue Johnson
Jen Coyne and Pamela Sue Johnson

Jen Coyne with Pamela Sue Johnson outside the KIXRW Studios

This month’s guest is artist and “inspirationalist” Pamela Sue Johnson. Her authenticity is infectious and inspiring. We dig deep into the etymology of the word Authenticity and mine some really golden takeaways for showing up authentically every day.

You can find Pamela’s work at Portland Saturday Market, Astoria Sunday Market, and at 

Follow her on instagram at @pamelasuejohnson

August 2023: Change and Authenticity

This month’s show is very personal. As Jen embarks on a personal wellness transformation, she invites her business partner Brian Stinson to the show to discuss identifying the changes you want to make in your life, and how to, step-by-step, get closer to achieving the change. We also discuss the concept of self-love/acceptance and needing to change to be your authentic self, which seems paradoxical.

Authenticity Matters is a 60-minute show hosted by Jen Coyne where we examine how to live your life on the most authentic path for you.

For more info about learning your Core Values:

More info about Vision Boards and building your own supportive tribe:

July 2023: Wellness & Authenticity, Part II
Jen Coyne and Denise Carron

Jen Coyne and Denise Carron outside the KXRW Studio

Jen Coyne and Dr. Aaron Gillespie

Jen Coyne and Dr. Aaron Gillespie at the KXRW Studio

This month is part two featuring wellness professionals in the Greater Vancouver Washington area. Jen’s first guest is Denise Carron, who leads a True Love Makeover program for women. Jen then welcomes Dr. Aaron Gillespie, a Chiropractor who has launched the new wellness program venture Core Life. The theme is transformation and Jen talks to two people who believe it’s possible to overcome the challenges you have faced in the past, and that they can help get you there.

June 2023: Wellness & Authenticity, Part I
Jen Coyne and Kristine McGinley

Jen Coyne and Kristine McGinley outside the KXRW Studios

Marisol Rascon

Marisol Rascon in the KXRW Studio

Excited this month to celebrate 4 years of Authenticity Matters!

The next two months I’m going to be featuring wellness businesses in the greater Vancouver area. Focusing on wellness is a key component of an authenticity journey…self-care comes in many forms, and my guests these next two episodes offer different perspectives and expertise that can help people find great health and wellness which paves the way for your authentic self to shine.

This month’s episodes feature Kristine McGinley founder of Kristine Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practitioner

and Marisol Rascon, mind-body therapist and Jungian coach, and founder of Sol Integrative

May 2023: Body and Soul
Darina Neyret

Darina Neyret in the KXRW Studio

This month’s show was both a feature on someone who epitomizes living an authentic life, and represents a test of Jen’s own authenticity.

Jen welcomed Darina Neyret this month. Darina is an amazing photographer and all-around terrific person, with a very interesting back story. She asked Jen to participate in her Body+Soul project focused on body positivity, and Jen had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot with her.  It was an experience that demanded that Jen looked herself in the mirror and address any demons she saw. Join host Jen Coyne in learning about the inspiring work Darina is doing for people’s empowerment, and a discussion about self-acceptance.

To learn more about Darina and what she does, check out her website here:

February 2023: Authentically Being Someone Else
Keith Hart

Keith Hart in the KXRW Studio

Jen’s guest this month was man of many talents, Keith Hart. Keith is notably known as an Elvis Tribute Artist, but wears many hats that include IT and Audio Visual specialist, entrepreneur, wedding officiant, and owner/chauffeur of a 1958 Cadillac. We pondered the question: how do you remain authentic and wear so many hats, let alone take on the likeness of another person as a tribute artist? We tackle tough conversations about being a Disney Jungle Cruise Skipper….and more intriguing stories! You won’t want to miss this fun conversation.

Learn more about Keith, and book him for a performance, wedding, or car service at:

Authentically being someone else w/ Keith Hart

January 2023: Balance

Natalie Fairchild

Natalie Fairchild joined Jen in the KXRW Studio

Jen was joined this month by Natalie Fairchild. Natalie is the founder and owner/operator of Pacific Perks Coffee based in Vancouver Washington. Natalie shares her perspective on being supportive while balancing her own needs, building a caring culture in the workplace, and tips on staying on an authentic path. Natalie is a leader in the PNW business community, leading efforts for developing engaging workplace cultures. You can learn more about hiring Pacific Perks Coffee for your next event, or even becoming a franchise at –

December 2022: Family Dynamics

December is a time for giving thanks, and also a time for family connection (whether in person or distanced!). This month Jen’s guest was her sister, Julie Hahlbohm. In this remastered and reproduced interview with Julie, they talked about family dynamics and authenticity. Julie has done a lot of inner work to find her authentic self. She has found an authentic path to connection through her hobbies and interests. Julie shared her struggle for balance and provides tips for staying on track to your goals.

November 2022: GVC Business POD Showcase, Part II
A. D. Simmons

GVC POD participant A. D. Simmons talked to Jen about her business, Aligned Lifestyle Concierge

Tammy Bux

GVC POD participant participant Tammy Bux talked to Jen about her business, Radiance Wellbeing

Esperanza Hernandez

GVC POD participant Esperanza Hernandez talked to Jen about her business, Uno Mas Bartending

Kei Kitchen

GVC POD participant Kei Kitchen met with Jen at the KXRW studio to discuss his business, NFSleeves

Jen’s was excited to present Part 2 of the two-part series on business development featuring new businesses in the Vancouver Washington area.

These four businesses have participated in the Greater Vancouver Chamber’s Business POD, or Pathways to Opportunities and Development, a program designed to help entrepreneurs interested in starting their own businesses get a head start on everything they need to do to thrive.
Learn more about each of the featured businesses at:
A.D. Simmons: Aligned Lifestyle Concierge
Esperanza Hernandez: Una Mas Bartending — IG: una_mas_bartending
Kei Kitchen: NFSleeves —
Tammy Bux: Radiance Wellbeing —
Learn more about the GVC Business POD for small business owners and entrepreneurs:
October 2022: GVC Business POD Showcase, Part 1
Carson McDonagh

GVC POD participant Carson McDonagh visits the KXRW studio


Cory Brown and Angelina Positeri

GVC POD participants Cory Brown and Angelina Positeri discuss their business, HardCor Exteriors


Rachel Jenkins and Jen Coyne

GVC POD participant Rachel Jenkins discussed her business, Ally Concierge at the KXRW Studio


Shayna Brazier and Robert Williams

GVC POD participants Shayna Brazier and Robert Williams discuss their business, RelaxPNW, with Jen Coyne

In Part I of the two-part series on business development, Jen was delighted to feature four new businesses in the Vancouver Washington area. These four businesses have participated in the Greater Vancouver Chamber’s Business POD, or Pathways to Opportunities and Development, a program designed to help entrepreneurs interested in starting their own businesses get a head start on everything they need to do to thrive. 

Learn more about each of the featured businesses at:

Carson McDonagh — EquiBridge 

Shayna Brazier & Robert Williams — RelaxPNW —

Cory Brown & Angelina Positeri — HardCor Exteriors —; Instagram hardcor_exteriors

Rachel Jenkins — Ally Concierge —

Learn more about the GVC Business POD for small business owners and entrepreneurs:

September 2022: Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
Kelliana Cole

Kelliana Cole answers questions on Authenticity Matters

My guest for September was Kelliana Cole. Kelliana is a marketing and branding expert, as well as a life coach collaborating with others to discover purpose, meaning, and authenticity. She persisted through a life altering amputation at the age of 12, and shared the lessons she learns daily about fitting it, standing out, navigating difficulties, and living life to the fullest.

You can learn more about Kelliana at and on instagram @ohkelliana

August 2022: In Costume, Still Authentic
Diana Kilpatrick and Host Jen Coyne

Diana Kilpatrick and Host Jen Coyne outside the KXRW Studio

This month’s guest was local business owner Diana Kirkpatrick, owner of Center Stage Clothiers on Main Street in Vancouver Washington. Jen and Diana talked about her path from corporate life to finding her passion as a costume designer and entrepreneur. We also address the question…if you wear different costumes and play different characters, how do you retain your authenticity?

Find out more about Center Stage Clothiers at
July 2022: Human Flourishing
Nancy and Cal Stevens

Guest Cal Stevens with his wife, Nancy

July 2022 was a special treat for Jen as her guest this month was her dear friend and mentor Cal Stevens. Cal recently retired from being a faculty member at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he was a professor of Organizational development, management, leadership, and Human Resources in the Orfalea College of Business. Prior to that, Cal had several career endeavors, all focused on helping humans flourish in their lives.
You can listen to the show by clicking on the link below:
May 2022: Public Joy Creation
Jennifer Coyne and Mike Bennett

Host Jennifer Coyne and May guest, Mike Bennett

My guest this month is a gift to the community: artist, illustrator, and educator Mike Bennett. Mike and his fellow travelers create engaging, educational, and fun experiences accessible to everyone. Follow along and check out his creations at

Information about Dinolandia can be found here:

April 2022: True Imagination
Rebecka Ratcliffe and host Jennifer Coyne

April guest Rebecka Ratcliffe and host Jennifer Coyne

This month we went on a journey into the mind and imagination of Rebecka Ratcliffe. Rebecka is a fantasy fiction writer and author of books and serial fiction for people of all ages. 

You can follow Rebecka on Instagram @rebeckaratcliffe

You can access all of her work, including her latest, “The Only One Laughing” at

Her children’s books and The Tiny Giant are available at Amazon and local independent booksellers. Signed copies and educator discounts are available at

March 2022: Psychedelics & Mental Health
Harry Dudley

March guest, Harry Dudley

This month my guest was psychologist, meditation educator, and member of the Psychedelic Support Network Harry Dudley. We discussed the latest psychedelic legislation in the Pacific Northwest, how psychedelics work, and how they may assist in mental wellness and finding your authentic path.

More information about psychedelic integration in mental health programs can be found here:

Guest Harry Dudley:

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS):

James Fadiman (psychedelic schedules):

January 2022: Authentic Architecture
Dan Bramske

January 2022 Guest Dan Bramske

It’s a new year but the only thing that’s changing at Authenticity Matters is a new guest, and this month it’s Dan Bramske. Dan is an architect who owns Bramske Studio Architecture. Dan discussed with Jen being authentic as a person, as a businessman, and as an architect – where you help others create a space that reflects their authentic style.

Learn more about Bramske Studio Architecture at

December 2021: Authentic, With or Without a Mask
Kristin VanderSchick with Jen Coyne

December guest, Kristin VanderSchick with host Jen Coyne

Just in time for Christmas, Jen has a gift for you: a brand new episode of Authenticity Matters. For December 2021, Jen’s guest is financial advisor Kristin VanderSchick. Jen and Kristin delve into money, identity, and authenticity. Also, they dig into the concept of wearing “masks” that represent different aspects to one’s identity, and whether you can live authentically as more of a chameleon. No tropical drinks were harmed in the recording of this episode.

November 2021: Lessons Learned
Brian Stinson and Jen Coyne

November guest Brian Stinson and host Jen Coyne, along with other previous Authenticity Matters guests

This month marked Episode 29 of Authenticity Matters. Jen had wanted to recap what she’d learned so far and what questions remained to be answered as she passed the 2 year mark of doing the show.

The two year mark passed in June but finally, this month, the opportunity presented itself to present this topic. November 2021 also coincidentally marks the 5 year anniversary of co-founding The PEAK Fleet, with Authenticity being one of our four core values. To mark that occasion as well, I invited my co-founder Brian Stinson back on the show to gain his perspectives on what he has learned about authenticity over the past 5 years as we have been on our business journey together. We hear from him throughout the show. We going talked about what authenticity is or isn’t, how to make shifts to being more authentic, and tips for maintaining the momentum.

September 2021: Authentic Groundbreaker
Evelyn Magley

Evelyn Magley, CEO and owner of The Basketball League

For September’s show, Jen welcomed Evelyn Magley to Authenticity Matters. Evelyn is the CEO of The Basketball League and is distinguished as the first woman in the world to own a professional men’s sports league. She’s an amazing example of a groundbreaker and a role model of authenticity.

Her journey and advice are inspirational so you will want to make sure to hear the show.
#adifferentleague #TBL
August 2021: Kind & Generous Authenticity
Terrance Moses

Terrance Moses, Kenton Neighborhood Association Chair and founder of Neighbors Helping Neighbors PDX


Terry Toland

Terry Toland during his Border to Bay fundraising bike ride

This month’s focus is on the kindness and generosity of community builders. Our first guest is is North Portland’s Terrance Moses. Terrance is a leader in Kenton neighborhood in Portland and founder of Neighbors Helping Neighbors. 

The second segment features the Border to Bay bike ride benefitting Martha’s Pantry. Terry and Diane Toland explain how the bike ride came about and why they are so passionate about giving back to the community they have called home for more than 20 years.

If you’re interested to learn more, volunteer, or contribute to their efforts please visit:

July 2021: Problem Solving
Chris Croteau and Jen Coyne

Chis Croteau and Jen Coyne record the July episode of Authenticity Matters at the XRAY studios in Portland, OR

July 2021’s show features C3, Portland/Vancouver-based Chris Croteau: problem solver, business founder, entrepreneur. We discuss the merits of being a strong problem solver and also how it can get in the way of finding your own true path. Jen also learns about C3’s newest venture:, a new type of canned cocktail.

June 2021: Authentic Branding
Julie Eickhof

June guest, Julie Eickhof

This month is our first show at a new time with a one hour format! We’re excited to dig in more deeply with our guests and spread a little more musical cheer as well. For June’s show we’re talking about Authentic Branding, for yourself or your organization, with branding expert Julie Eickhof. Julie has a terrific perspective on honoring your own authenticity as well as honoring and seeing others for their authentic selves.

Learn more about Julie’s company at

May 2021 was a replay of January 2020: New Awakenings
April 2021 was a live fundraiser for KRAY.FM
March 2021: Mentoring Makes a Difference
Janet Birgenheier

March guest, Janet Birgenheier

This month Jen welcomes author and career coach Janet Birgenheier. Janet has benefitted from mentorship in her career and has brought her story and others in the Pacific Northwest to life in her book “The Mentoring Difference”. You’ll hear tips on finding your own mentor and how it connects to living authentically.

Janet Birgenheier’s book can be found here:

Learn about her coaching services here:

Show edit: Donna Sinclair’s second mentor was Jackie Peterson, not Jackie Lang as noted in the show.

February 2021: The Authenticity of Change
Clif Cannon

Authenticity Matters’ guest for February, Clif Cannon

This month, Clif Cannon joins Jen to talk about his personal journey and how authenticity has played a role in his life. Is he a dancer, lawyer, father, partner? Yes, all that and more. The common thread is always Clif. Listen to hear Clif’s unique perspective on authenticity and how being authentic can be about growth.

To find out more about Clif Cannon, visit his website:

January 2021: New Beginnings
Dr. Carol Parker Walsh and Jen Coyne

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh and Jen Coyne outside the KXRW studios in Vancouver, WA.

January is all about “new beginnings” and wow do we need some new beginnings after the trials and tribulations of 2020! This month Jen welcomes Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, a dynamic speaker, career strategist and coach, and personal branding expert. She has an inspirational story and fantastic advice for making changes in your life and career.

To find out more about Dr. Walsh, visit her website at:

November and December 2020: Family Dynamics
Jen Coyne and Julie Hahlbohm

Jen Coyne and Julie Hahlbohm inside the KXRW studios in Vancouver, WA.

November is a time for giving thanks, and also a time for family connection (whether in person or distanced!). This month my guest was my sister, Julie Hahlbohm. In part one of my interview with Julie, we talked about family dynamics and authenticity. She has done a lot of inner work to find her authentic self and has fantastic advice for committing to an authentic path yourself. 

Part 1:

December continues my conversation with Julie. Julie has found an authentic path to connection through her hobbies and interests. She shares the struggle for balance and tips for staying on track to your goals. 

Part 2:

October 2020: Humility, Integrity, and Pleather Pants
Jen Coyne and Mike Workman

Jen Coyne and Mike Workman outside the KXRW studios in Vancouver, WA.

This month’s guest is Mike Workman, Clark County Resident and Teamsters Local 58 Business Representative. Mike is a role model, and a leader and influencer in his own right, even though he is so humble he would never make those claims about himself, or see himself as someone that would be featured on the radio. Mike brings an inspirational story of persistence, empathy, and authenticity worth sharing.

September 2020: A Winding Road, Built on Steel
Ramona Ramadas and Jen Coyne

Ramona and Jen at an event at Arizona State University

This month’s guest is Ramona Ramadas, nurse, innovator, and entrepreneur. She is the Founder of New Trails Navigators a peer health, whole patient, care organization. Ramona’s career journey through high tech and then nursing, on both sides of the country, has given her a unique perspective on opportunities for the future for healthcare. 

You can learn more about New Trails Navigators and contact Ramona at

August 2020: Persistence Isn’t Futile
Jen Coyne and Michael Jonas

Jen and Michael outside the KXRW studios in Vancouver

This month is Episode 15, and our guest is Attorney Michael Jonas, owner of Rational Unicorn Legal Services. His journey to entrepreneurial attorney and his “go-authentic-or-go-home” attitude are inspirational.

You can learn more about Rational Unicorn at

July 2020: Creating a Supportive Tribe
Jen Coyne and Rena Whittaker

Jen Coyne and Rena Whittaker outside the KXRW studios in Vancouver, WA

This month’s guest is Rena Whitaker, author of Being Tribal: Practicing Life in One-Degree Shifts. Rena is an expert on “practicing” life to find your authentic self. She has a wealth of tools and tips on how to create a supportive tribe for your daily and long-term growth practices.

You can learn more about Rena and Being Tribal at:

June 2020: Helping Teens Become Their Authentic Selves
Jen Coyne and Paula Pilcher

Jen Coyne and Paula Pilcher outside the KXRW studio

June 2020 kicks off our 2nd year, and this episode Jen talks with Dr. Paula Pilcher, Founder and Director of Empowerteen, a teen wellness program. Paula talks about her journey to becoming a Naturopath and Teacher, and how she became inspired to help teens become the best versions of themselves. This episode is perfect timing to talk about her teen summer camps, which will be hosted virtually this summer. You can learn more at

May 2020: Part 2 of Digital Art, Going Viral, and Finding Your Voice
Michael James Schneider

Digital Artist Michael James Schneider in the studio

Part 2 of the interview with Michael James Schneider (Blcksmth). How much of yourself do you let the world see on social media? Michael shares his perspectives on this and more on Authenticity Matters.

Special Live Broadcast: April 30th, 2020: Empathy in a time of crisis
Live Broadcast Lineup

Jen Coyne, Host
Steven Glickman, Production Assistant
Brian Stinson, The PEAK Fleet
Kea Meyers Duggan, Speaker and Coach
Christy Foulger, Enterprise Architect

Jen welcomes guests Kea Meyers Duggan, Christy Foulger, and her PEAK Fleet co-founder Brian Stinson to talk about Empathy in a time of crisis. During this time more than ever, it’s important to be able to understand others’ perspectives while at the same time not draining your energy. Could you use some new tips for balancing empathy and self-care?

April 2020: Digital Art, Going Viral, and Finding Your Voice
Jen Coyne and Michael James Schneider

Here’s are Jen Coyne and Michael James Schneider, who discussed Michael’s journey as an artist and creator.

This month is Part 1 of a 2 part show featuring artist and author Michael James Schneider (blcksmth on social media). In this episode we’ll talk about his insightful perspectives on an authenticity journeys and hear what his experience has been like when confronted with the “success” of viral digital artwork.

March 2020: Persistence
March Show: Persistence

Jen interviews Chris Erickson

This month, for Episode 10, Jen has a discussion with digital content creator and entrepreneur Chris Erickson. Topics span persistence, picking yourself up from failures, and finding your authenticity in the face of pressures to go on a different path. You can learn more about Chris’ business at Cre8 Impact.

February 2020: Loving Yourself
Kelli Gizzi and Jen Coyne

Kelli Gizzi and Jen Coyne record February’s show

This month Jen went on the road to Bellingham, Washington to interview marketing expert Kelli Gizzi about using Design Thinking for designing an authentic life. Kelli was a Clark County resident and leader for many years and just made a big move up North to align with her life goals. You can check out Kelli’s website here.

January 2020: New Awakenings

Jen and her guest Dennis Skinner, President and Master Facilitator at  MANY-TO-ONE

This month’s episode features guest Dennis Skinner, a professional facilitator and all-around dynamic human being. We discuss new beginnings and new awakenings, and how to carve a path to authentic self-improvement using intention setting.

December 2019: Presence

Jen’s guests Harry Dudley and Tanya Sisson

This month, we’re focusing on Presents! Actually, the present from us for the holiday season is tips on being more present and mindful. Our guests are psychologist and IREST Yoga Nidra Teacher Dr. Harry Dudley and life coach Tanya Sisson. And a splash of our favorite tunes.

November 2019: Gratitude

Carla Titus, Mikaela Jones, Joan Welch

For November, the month of Thanksgiving and World Kindness Day, we are focusing on Gratitude and it’s connection to living a more fulfilling life. Guests include Carla Titus, Mikaela Jones, and poetry from Joan Welch.

October 2019: Fear

Special Halloween Episode for October! We often hear that what holds people back from being authentic is FEAR…so this October we focus on what makes authenticity SCARY, and how to overcome fear to act authentically more of the time.

September 2019: Triple Bottom Line

Tom and Maryann, from BCFG, join Jen in the studio.

In this episode, Jen talks to Mary Anne Harmer and Tom Hering from Benefit Corporations for Good. They discuss how organizations can authentically benefit people and the planet while still managing to pursue a profitable outcome.

August 2019: Authentic Style

Jen and Theresa in the studio

In this episode of Authenticity Matters, host Jen Coyne talks about expressing your authenticity through your personal style. Guest Theresa Trelstad discusses her journey through transitions and the process she uses for expressing who she is through her style.

July 2019: Core Values

Brian shares his core values

In this episode, we’ll focus on the connection between discovering your core values and living an authentic life. This show features Brian Stinson, co-Founder of The PEAK Fleet, who has led thousands of people to discover their core values. Also, we’ll chat with Steven Glickman about his 10,000 mile trip around the United States and how values played into his journey.

June 2019: The Journey Begins…

Jen in the KXRW Studio

This Episode, our first show, is “Why Authenticity Matters”. This episode focuses on the definition of Authenticity; covers the science and research around authenticity in the workplace as well as the effects of being authentic on happiness and personal fulfillment. This episode includes perspectives on authenticity from several individuals in the Vancouver/Portland community.