Authenticity Matters

Each episode of Authenticity Matters will focus on a different facet of authenticity and how it plays out in both personal life and professional organizations. Jennifer will welcome guests each episode who have transformed their lives and / or organizations with authenticity and intention being at the forefront.

Your Host

Jennifer (Jen) Coyne is a consultant, coach, trainer, and speaker focusing on improving organizational cultures and helping people find and live their most authentic life. Jennifer spent the last decade focusing on discovering her authentic self and living with intention. After careers in accounting and high tech that spanned more than two decades, she co-founded a consulting, training, and coaching company with Authenticity being one of its core values. She has become a champion for changing organizations to focus more on People and Purpose. 

How to Listen

Authenticity Matters airs on the fourth Thursday each month from 12:30-1:00 PM (Pacific). To listen:

  • Tune your radio to KXRW 99.9 FM or XRAY 107.1 and 91.1 FM in the Portland (OR) area
  • Listen online at XRAY.FM
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August 2020: Persistence Isn’t Futile

Jen Coyne and Michael Jonas

Jen and Michael outside the KXRW studios in Vancouver

This month is Episode 15, and our guest is Attorney Michael Jonas, owner of Rational Unicorn Legal Services. His journey to entrepreneurial attorney and his “go-authentic-or-go-home” attitude are inspirational.

You can learn more about Rational Unicorn at

July 2020: Creating a Supportive Tribe

Jen Coyne and Rena Whittaker

Jen Coyne and Rena Whittaker outside the KXRW studios in Vancouver, WA

This month’s guest is Rena Whitaker, author of Being Tribal: Practicing Life in One-Degree Shifts. Rena is an expert on “practicing” life to find your authentic self. She has a wealth of tools and tips on how to create a supportive tribe for your daily and long-term growth practices.

You can learn more about Rena and Being Tribal at:

June 2020: Helping Teens Become Their Authentic Selves

Jen Coyne and Paula Pilcher

Jen Coyne and Paula Pilcher outside the KXRW studio

June 2020 kicks off our 2nd year, and this episode Jen talks with Dr. Paula Pilcher, Founder and Director of Empowerteen, a teen wellness program. Paula talks about her journey to becoming a Naturopath and Teacher, and how she became inspired to help teens become the best versions of themselves. This episode is perfect timing to talk about her teen summer camps, which will be hosted virtually this summer. You can learn more at

May 2020: Part 2 of Digital Art, Going Viral, and Finding Your Voice

Michael James Schneider

Digital Artist Michael James Schneider in the studio

Part 2 of the interview with Michael James Schneider (Blcksmth). How much of yourself do you let the world see on social media? Michael shares his perspectives on this and more on Authenticity Matters.

Special Live Broadcast: April 30th, 2020: Empathy in a time of crisis

Live Broadcast Lineup

Jen Coyne, Host
Steven Glickman, Production Assistant
Brian Stinson, The PEAK Fleet
Kea Meyers Duggan, Speaker and Coach
Christy Foulger, Enterprise Architect

Jen welcomes guests Kea Meyers Duggan, Christy Foulger, and her PEAK Fleet co-founder Brian Stinson to talk about Empathy in a time of crisis. During this time more than ever, it’s important to be able to understand others’ perspectives while at the same time not draining your energy. Could you use some new tips for balancing empathy and self-care?

April 2020: Digital Art, Going Viral, and Finding Your Voice

Jen Coyne and Michael James Schneider

Here’s are Jen Coyne and Michael James Schneider, who discussed Michael’s journey as an artist and creator.

This month is Part 1 of a 2 part show featuring artist and author Michael James Schneider (blcksmth on social media). In this episode we’ll talk about his insightful perspectives on an authenticity journeys and hear what his experience has been like when confronted with the “success” of viral digital artwork.

March 2020: Persistence

March Show: Persistence

Jen interviews Chris Erickson

This month, for Episode 10, Jen has a discussion with digital content creator and entrepreneur Chris Erickson. Topics span persistence, picking yourself up from failures, and finding your authenticity in the face of pressures to go on a different path. You can learn more about Chris’ business at Cre8 Impact.

February 2020: Loving Yourself

Kelli Gizzi and Jen Coyne

Kelli Gizzi and Jen Coyne record February’s show

This month Jen went on the road to Bellingham, Washington to interview marketing expert Kelli Gizzi about using Design Thinking for designing an authentic life. Kelli was a Clark County resident and leader for many years and just made a big move up North to align with her life goals. You can check out Kelli’s website here.

January 2020: New Awakenings

Jen and her guest Dennis Skinner, President and Master Facilitator at  MANY-TO-ONE

This month’s episode features guest Dennis Skinner, a professional facilitator and all-around dynamic human being. We discuss new beginnings and new awakenings, and how to carve a path to authentic self-improvement using intention setting.

December 2019: Presence

Jen’s guests Harry Dudley and Tanya Sisson


This month, we’re focusing on Presents! Actually, the present from us for the holiday season is tips on being more present and mindful. Our guests are psychologist and IREST Yoga Nidra Teacher Dr. Harry Dudley and life coach Tanya Sisson. And a splash of our favorite tunes.

November 2019: Gratitude

Carla Titus, Mikaela Jones, Joan Welch

For November, the month of Thanksgiving and World Kindness Day, we are focusing on Gratitude and it’s connection to living a more fulfilling life. Guests include Carla Titus, Mikaela Jones, and poetry from Joan Welch.

October 2019: Fear

Special Halloween Episode for October! We often hear that what holds people back from being authentic is FEAR…so this October we focus on what makes authenticity SCARY, and how to overcome fear to act authentically more of the time.

September 2019: Triple Bottom Line

Tom and Maryann, from BCFG, join Jen in the studio.

In this episode, Jen talks to Mary Anne Harmer and Tom Hering from Benefit Corporations for Good. They discuss how organizations can authentically benefit people and the planet while still managing to pursue a profitable outcome.

August 2019: Authentic Style

Jen and Theresa in the studio

In this episode of Authenticity Matters, host Jen Coyne talks about expressing your authenticity through your personal style. Guest Theresa Trelstad discusses her journey through transitions and the process she uses for expressing who she is through her style.

July 2019: Core Values

Brian shares his core values

In this episode, we’ll focus on the connection between discovering your core values and living an authentic life. This show features Brian Stinson, co-Founder of The PEAK Fleet, who has led thousands of people to discover their core values. Also, we’ll chat with Steven Glickman about his 10,000 mile trip around the United States and how values played into his journey.

June 2019: The Journey Begins…

Jen in the KXRW Studio

This Episode, our first show, is “Why Authenticity Matters”. This episode focuses on the definition of Authenticity; covers the science and research around authenticity in the workplace as well as the effects of being authentic on happiness and personal fulfillment. This episode includes perspectives on authenticity from several individuals in the Vancouver/Portland community.