Brian Featured on BCUSA Webinar

Brian Stinson, PEAK Fleet co-founder and employee engagement expert was a featured speaker in the Best Companies USA Experience’s 2018 webinar series. The Webinar, entitled “Transforming Culture for Employee Retention”, is the fourth installation in a 10 part series designed to help employers get a leg-up in the increasingly competitive efforts to recruit and retain today’s top talent. The series guides employers through evaluation of their company brand and culture while highlighting best practices and tools for building engaged, high-performing workforces. Click here to view the accompanying PowerPoint presentation. 

The May 30th webinar featured Brian alongside BestCompaniesUSA’s VP of Brand Evangelism, Lindsay M. Smith, and executive coach and leadership consultant, Michael S. Seaver. Live polling allowed Webinar attendees to participate in discussions and share their experiences regarding employee retention, management, and workplace function. Brian shares transformative solutions to a modern day management challenge: attracting and maintaining an engaged workforce. In our evolving workplace, mounting evidence identifies employee disengagement as major culprit in expensive employee turnover and toxic corporate culture. Brian provides strategies to facilitate impactful cultural change by emphasizing three levels of employee needs fundamental to engagement and retention – purpose, connection and feedback. 

Why are Brian, Michael and Lindsay doing yoga poses?  Click here to listen to the webinar replay and find out!