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Improving Family Connections

We KNOW the power and impact of conversations about core values. We’ve witnessed it hundreds of times and experienced it ourselves on a personal level. The PEAK Values® Family Conversations guide was created to help you connect more deeply with your chosen family. The guide will help you:

  • Use the PEAK Values® Card Deck to discover and share individual core values
  • Understand how family members view each other and create a conversation
  • Create a shared version of family values to help with decision making
  • Guide more productive interactions when family conflict arises
  • Learn ways to incorporate values into your ongoing interactions

What you will receive

The PEAK Values® Family Conversations guide is a companion to the PEAK Values® Card Deck. The guide is a 20 page full-color illustrated booklet. It includes 8 different major exercises with questions to guide your activities.   One booklet per family is sufficient, although family members may enjoy having their own.

What else you need

We recommend having one PEAK Values® Card Deck per family member, for their use during family exercises and to use ongoing individually. However, this guide could be used on its own with lists of values or with other values card products if you already have those on hand.

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