The PEAK Fleet Sets Sail to Revolutionize the Future of Work


NOVEMBER 30, 2016

The Future of Work will be radically different than today, and radical shifts require revolutionaries to lead the way. The PEAK Fleet launched on November 18, 2016, as a future-forward alternative to existing advisory service companies of today.

Co-founded by Jennifer Coyne and Brian Stinson, The PEAK Fleet’s foundation is built on the values that they believe will help every organizational culture thrive: Persistence, Empathy, Authenticity, and Kindness. The company delivers improved employee engagement, increased innovation, new discovery through inclusion, and transformative change through event curation, speakerships, workshops, and deep-dive problem solving engagements.

Coyne, a former Intel IT Director, and Stinson, former Intel IT People strategist and manager, share a passion and background in successfully leading employee experience and organizational excellence efforts. They have established The PEAK Fleet with a mission to help organizations succeed by creating an engaged workforce that thrives together.

CEO & Co-Founder     Jen Coyne

Brian Stinson

COO & Co-Founder Brian Stinson

“There is an opportunity to learn from a vibrant, unique, and creative team of innovators whose voices have been under-represented in corporate cultures and consulting firms up until now”, believes PEAK Fleet Co-Founder Jennifer Coyne. The Fleet includes inventors, entertainers and filmmakers like George Willis, Daniel Lund, and Johnas Street, systems thinking experts Herman D’Hooge and Amanda Shurr, progressive educators Dr. Michael Lupro, Cal Stevens, and Jeff Hensley, and business intelligence expert Christy Foulger.

The PEAK Fleet offers provocative speaking engagements and workshops like “Resistance is Futile: What the imagined space frontier can teach us about today”. Topics range from Employee Experience & Engagement, to Innovation through Inclusion, and Cybersecurity Culture.

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