Advisory Services

Research-Based | Data-Driven | Impact-Oriented

The PEAK Fleet offers a range of additional consultative services that can be customized to the specific needs of your organizations.

Outlined below are examples of some recent Advisory Service engagements. Contact The PEAK Fleet to have us tailor our topics to achieve your strategic objectives.

PEAK Values® Advisory Service

Using PEAK Values, we work with your team to define your organization’s core values and transform your organization to align to these values. We begin with an exercise using PEAK Values Cards and philosophy to help the leadership team identify their own personal core values, their collective team values, and work to understand the organization’s larger values. Once the values are agreed, we define the required behaviors the organization’s employees must demonstrate in alignment with the values. Finally, we develop an effective transition plan, using PEAK Values to guide our evaluation of the needed steps, to ensure these values and behaviors stick.

Organizational Health through PEAK Values®

Organizations where employees can bring their authentic selves to work are more innovative and have higher bottom line results. Creating this environment and improving your organization’s health takes persistence and an empathetic, perspective-taking approach. The PEAK Fleet uses PEAK Values to evaluate your organization’s current state, understand the needs of your employees, and provide action-oriented recommendations for successful transformation. Evaluations typically take 1-3 months depending on organization complexity.

User Experience Strategy

Description: More and more companies recognize that users value experiences over “products,” and the potential business value of improving users’ interactions with offered solutions, whether those users are internal employees or customers. Leveraging our extensive experience in strategy development and experience design, we help you build a strategy to design end-to-end user experiences that meet both business value goals and delight your users.

Outcome: We deliver a 3-5 year UX strategy with specific action plans and critical success measures that put you on a rapid path forward toward your goals.

Workplace of the Future Strategy

Description: Employees expectations for the type of work environment continue to increase as their consumer experiences and product choices improve. To attract and retain talent in the future, is vital to look at the desired end-to-end employee experience, understanding first what they value and why, and create a holistic delivery strategy.

Outcome: We deliver and execute a research plan, and the partner to create a 3-5 year workplace strategy which includes recommendations for physical work environment, information technology environment, and employee programs (such as remote working) that together will increase employee satisfaction with the workplace. We’ll also help you determine future vs. current workforce needs and evaluate your talent pipeline. We ensure you have a comprehensive workforce strategy that clearly defines your future talent & culture needs with an action plan that includes milestones and metrics.

Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Description: Diversity & inclusion are focus areas for many companies today, and for good reason. Establishing a diverse workforce, as well as developing the right cultural conditions for them to thrive is not just a good thing to do, it’s good business as well. As part of our overall organizational assessment, we’ll determine the current state of diversity and inclusion through data analysis as well as discussions with employees. We’ll join that with the overall strategic goals and plans to recommend a multi-faceted approach to both establishing and maintaining a diverse workforce, led through creation of a highly inclusive work environment. In our experience, companies will often focus on creating diversity, and even providing programs to help a diverse population of employees take advantage of career opportunity at the company. However, transforming the culture to provide a day-to-day environment that encourages inclusive behaviors from all members of the team can fall short. Our plans include all aspects of the plan, and take on the tougher challenges of long-term maintenance of cultural transformation.