Featured guests on Culture Crush Rx Radio show

PEAK Fleet co-founders, Jen Coyne and Brian Stinson, were recently guests on the Culture Crush RX radio show. This Phoenix Business RadioX podcast focuses on exploring the intricacies of company culture and organizational leadership. On this show, Jen and Brian discussed how they have cultivated their passion for leading positive change and strategy-based action throughout their careers. Their decades of experience promoting leadership and facilitating engagement in the workplace gave rise to The PEAK Fleet’s mission: Creating engaged workforces that thrive together.

In this episode of Culture Crush RX, Jen and Brian were invited to discuss their real-life experiences finding and creating meaningful work. In addition, they shared insights about how achieving increased employee engagement leads to accelerated achievement of goals, higher levels of profitability, and improved customer and employee satisfaction.

Jen and Brian discussed that achieving trust through vulnerability is fundamental to the success of any organization, team, or institution. The PEAK Fleet approach to establishing personal and organizational values creates a moment for people to be vulnerable – by learning the values that drive their purpose, and sharing them with others.

Jen and Brian shared their unique, people-oriented approach to organizational development with podcast host Deb Caron. As the owner and principal consultant of Anahata Marketing, Deb’s personal and professional passions also reside with helping people find fulfillment through interpersonal connection. Culture Crush RX provides a platform for for leadership experts to share experiences both creating, and contributing to, great company culture. Click Here to listen to the full podcast from Phoenix Business Radio X.