PEAK Values® Card Deck


Begin the journey of designing a life built around authenticity, values, and intention with the PEAK Values® card deck. This thought-provoking tool helps you discover what matters most in your life.

Use the PEAK Values® cards for:

  • Personal reflection
  • Teambuilding exercises
  • Defining organizational culture
  • Family and friends shared discussion.

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You’re about to be the proud owner of a PEAK Values® cards. This card deck is a fun and interesting way to discover and clarify your personal values and then have thought-provoking conversations with your family, friends and co-workers about core values, both shared and different.

Using the PEAK Values® Card Deck

This card deck can be used in many different ways. The instructions for discovering your personal Core Values are included in the deck. Additional instructions and uses for the deck are available on the PEAK Values® community page. We also encourage you to post a picture of your core values on our Facebook page.

The cards are 3.5″ x 3.5″ and the deck includes 58 values plus one blank (in case there is a value you feel is missing). We are currently selling our fourth edition deck with a rigid (top and bottom) box.

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Customer Testimonials:

Great for navigating life changes & big decisions.

I purchased these cards to help navigate a career transition. Much of the coaching and advice I received centered on being clear about your values, and at best I had a vague notion of my own personal values. Having the cards in front of you and doing the hard work of prioritizing your top values brings such clarity. There are no “negative” options here, so there’s insight to be gained from what’s selected as well as what you ultimately dismiss. I also did this with a group of longtime friends. As we shared our personal values with one another there were some laughs, some tears, and we all learned things about each other we’d never known (even over 20 years of friendship). The cards are beautifully made; the photos don’t do it justice. Highly recommend to anyone seeking clarity in purpose or making a big life decision.

Great Exercise for Team Building or Self Reflection.

In the midst of defining core values for our company, for we used these values cards to also help our employees define what are the most important values to them. I have performed the core values exercise individually, with one employee and then in an employee team setting. Each time there were many “Aha” moments that individuals had which led to a deeper understanding of what is most important to them. The conversation that surrounds this exercise is highly valuable as it lends a way for people to articulate what many have difficulty doing. I think this deck is great for any team regardless of new or tenured. This is a great way to break the ice or to ‘sync’ up on what is important for the team. Thank you PEAK Fleet for a timeless exercise that our team both enjoyed and found value.

Easy, Effective Way to Discover Meaning for Yourself and with Others.

This deck is a versatile conversation starter, either in a group (team, organization, family) or in terms of self-reflection. Drilling down to core values is both simple and challenging, and the PEAK approach finds the line between. The more I think of it, the more possibilities that come to mind in terms of uses and meaningful implementation. Plus, it’s enjoyable!

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