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Discover your Core Values with The PEAK Fleet!



Since 2017, thousands of people all over the world have discovered and clarified their core values using our PEAK Values® Card Deck. The world changed in 2020 and we’re all adapting to more of a digital/online experience. The PEAK Fleet created a digital version of our PEAK Values® Exercise using the images from our “five star” rated Card Deck. Each purchase allows you to complete the entire exercise once. If you want to do this as a team, each member will need their own account. Each participant will:

  • Learn the difference between Core Values and Strengths
  • Core versus Aspirational Values
  • Identify their top six Core Values
  • Receive an email summarizing their top six Core Values as well as any values identified as “Aspirational”
  • Have their results saved in our database for future reference

Contact us for more information about online/virtual team workshops.

Important note: This exercise requires you to create an account. Be sure to check the “create account” box before you click “Place Order”.

The exercise is located at 

This exercise is compatible with the following browsers: Chrome, Safari and Edge. Internet Explorer is not supported.



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