About our PEAK Values®

The PEAK Fleet is incredibly passionate about values. So much so, we named our company after our core values. PEAK is an acronym representing Persistence, Empathy, Authenticity, and Kindness.

Why are values important?

• Understanding core values enables alignment between decisions and personal priorities
• Understanding core values of others creates an opportunity for empathy and acceptance
• When a group creates a shared version of values, it creates cohesion and opportunity to better align goals

Many organizations have identified core values, but only ~15% have fully operationalized their values by incorporating them into employee processes such as recruiting, hiring, onboarding, recognition, performance evaluation, etc.

What’s most important to your organization? If after reading more about our PEAK Values®, you want help with yours, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Persistence Persistence in Purpose

∙ We are dedicated to creating a new renaissance where creative, inclusive environments abound

∙ We like solving difficult problems

∙ We are for purpose, not just profit

EmpathyAct with Empathy

∙ We create an inclusive environment that fosters diverse thought

∙ We are conscious of our bias and take action to counter it

∙ We actively take on other perspectives

AuthenticityInnovation through Authenticity

∙ We create an environment of trust through vulnerability

∙ We create a safe space for risk-taking and innovation

∙ We embrace the opportunity to learn and grow through success and mistakes

KindnessKindness first, last and always

∙ We assume good intent

∙ We practice kind and caring confrontation

∙ We strive to not take things personally