What are your intentions for 2024?

Holiday Greetings from The PEAK Fleet! We hope that you are enjoying some peaceful time with loved ones as the year comes to a close. In less than a week, it’ll be 2024!

We are all familiar with the tradition of making New Years’ Resolutions. If you’re like Jen and Brian, then you’re not a fan. Even if you ARE the kind of person who prefers to establish resolutions for the new year, we have a couple of suggestions for you to consider:

1. Revisit your core values. Typically, your values tend to be fairly static. However, they do change over time due to life experiences. If they have changed, the clarity of what is most important to you will help you navigate adversity, ambiguity, and major decisions. This practice also helps with communication and connection. How so? Well, humans tend to judge ourselves by our intentions while judging others by their actions.

Core values define your intentions. Unless the people in your life are clairvoyant, they don’t know your intentions unless you make them transparent. Therefore, we suggest that after you revisit your core values, make an effort to share them with everyone in your life.  

2. Identify your aspirational values. What’s an ‘aspirational’ value and how is it different than a core value? Great question! Both are important. The difference is that your behaviors tend to be aligned to your core values while aspirational values tend to be related to important behaviors and actions that you want to demonstrate on a more consistent basis. If you don’t feel the need to revisit your core values, then we suggest you go through a similar process to identify the 1-3 top aspirational values for 2024. For example, instead of a resolution to lose weight; you might consider focusing on “Wellness” as an aspirational value.

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Brian Stinson

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