What are your intentions for 2024?

Holiday Greetings from The PEAK Fleet! We hope that you are enjoying some peaceful time with loved ones as the year comes to a close. In less than a week, it’ll be 2024! We are all familiar with the tradition of making New Years’ Resolutions. If you’re like Jen and Brian, then you’re not a […]

The PEAK Fleet Celebrates 7 Years!

Today, November 18th is a big day for Jen & Brian. Not only does this date represent the day we officially opened our business after leaving 20-year careers in high tech, but 11/18 is also a sign of serendipity to us. If you’re not familiar with our origin story and the significance of “11/18”, you […]

The Path to Unity is Paved with Values

As a nation, we have a lot of healing to do. Not just from the pandemic and subsequent economic recession, but also due to centuries of racial injustice and gender inequality. We also have a lot of healing to do around political partisanship. The division between political parties has existed for many years, but it […]

The emotional impact of the coronavirus

The coronavirus has been declared a global pandemic. Travel bans, cancelled vacations, no March Madness, professional sports seasons suspended, concerts and conferences postponed, the list goes on. We’ve never seen anything like this in our lifetimes! How are you feeling? Have you stopped and checked in with yourself? Our research indicates there are 27 unique emotions. […]

Choosing Kindness


Kindness is a choice. We believe kindness is a choice that has very little downside. Think about it, what do you really have to lose by being kind? It doesn’t cost more or require extra effort, and yet it almost always results in goodwill. But if kindness is a such a no-brainer, then why do […]

The Power of Empathy

The Power of EMPATHY

The second in a four-part series about the PEAK values, we shift from the obvious strength of persistence to explore the subtle power of empathy. In a recent conversation with a client, we discussed adopting empathy as one of their core values. Based on their business model and a deep understanding of the employees they needed […]